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Let's develop an all-inclusive retirement plan that helps you live the the retirement lifestyle you imagine!


At GuidedQuest, LLC, we work with Federal Employees planning to retire in the next 5-10 years, Federal Retirees, and those who just want to make "work optional" so they can walk away from their job at any time they choose, for any reason!

We are trained, experienced specialists in Federal Employee benefits. As former teachers, we enjoy educating our clients and keeping everything simple as we help them retire comfortably.



You need to know your estimated pension for when you plan to retire, the best retirement dates to maximize your benefits, how to maximize your leave rollover, is it worth it to take the SBP, should you stay with the Federal Healthcare plan or get a Medicare Supplement, how FEGLI costs change in retirement, how to coordinate your Social Security to maximize your guaranteed income, and how to preserve, grow and use your TSP when you retire.


You have worked hard to get your pension, and saved in your TSP, now comes the opportunity for the next chapter!  One thing we can all agree on is that finally having free time from commuting and working should also mean freedom from financial worries.  Make the most of your retirement by having a customized Life Income - Living Asset CycleSM Plan that is built around your specific lifestyle goals. Our team will help you make informed decisions in all areas of your financial life so that you can thrive in retirement.


Work Optional

You may feel a sense of pride working, or going after a new venture, even if you could retire from the Federal Government.  Whether you decide to continue working for enjoyment, want to leave the commute, or have a source of supplemental income, we can help you feel comfortable that work is optional!  We find many are moving in this direction, to create a plan that allows flexibility to retire partially or fully at any point they decide, for any reason!

Get a Complimentary Retirement Review

As state and government employee specialists, we're passionate about retirement security for those who have served us

Our knowledge and experience in retiring over 200 Federal Employee clients gives us the expertise to: 

  • Maximize your benefits
  • Minimize taxes in retirement
  • Integrate your benefits in a plan unique to your situation & family
  • Create a retirement income plan guaranteed for life with a LI-LACTM
  • Create an estate plan for you and your family to avoid probate and have  an efficient transfer of assets



FEDERAL Retirement

Reach your goals and vision for retirement without sacrificing your current lifestyle or risking the possibility of running out of money in your lifetime.

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