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We're Here To Help You Simplify Retirement Planning

If you’re like most Federal Employees 50+, you’re thinking about your Federal Retirement...

What an exciting possibility...but it can be stressful because you’re finding
information from HR can be complicated, confusing, or even NOT available...

You may be asking yourself questions like....

  • Where can I confirm my MRA?
  • What is the best date to retire in 2023?
  • What is the SRS, and am I eligible?
  • How do I get the highest multiplier for my retirement?
  • How do I retire as soon as possible without a reduction?
  • Is the SBP worth it or would life insurance work better?
  • What FEGLI retirement option should I take?
  • What is the best option to make my TSP last through retirement?

Do any of these questions sound familiar? Would you like to know the rightanswers for YOUR situation? Want to be confident you’re making the best choices for your family’s future?

Set a Retirement Discovery Call, because once you do....

You can stop worrying, and second guessing if you can get the right answers for your future!

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Why A Discovery Call?

Selecting a trusted retirement specialist to work with is one of the most important decisions you can make for a stress-free retirement. Let's address ALL the issues…Income increases for inflation, taxes, Social Security, Health, Long Term Care, Survivorship, investments, and more!

So, if the following three questions resonate with you, we're here with customized solutions for all your retirement concerns and maybe we should talk?

  • Do you wonder if you are truly prepared for retirement?
  • Do you know how to maximize your federal retirement benefits?
  • Do you want to find a way to stress less and enjoy retirement more?

What We'll Cover On Your Call...

We offer a no-cost 30-minute consultation to help answer your questions, learn more about you, the people in your life, and what you want to achieve. In our free introductory session, we'll discuss:

  • The things that worry you about your retirement income.
  • How to maximize your retirement as a federal employee.
  • Your specific concerns about retirement, whether it's moving, taxes, Social Security, healthcare, Long Term Care, or family.
  • How our process & services can provide a stress-free retirement for you.

Let's See If We're A Good Fit

Our Complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Call will allow both you and us to find out if we're a good fit. We'll give you valuable information concerning your situation on this call, but don't want to waste your time if that's all you need.

We're here to help you simplify your retirement planning. So don't wait, take the first step today, go ahead and schedule Your 100% Free Discovery Call right now, today!


4 Easy Steps


Arrange a call with us - we'll explain the process and give you a complimentary, no-obligation complete overview that covers where you stand now and where you hope to be when you retire.


After you provide your unique information, we'll meet on Zoom to show you where you stand today and throughout retirement, on a single easy to understand page. We'll share how we can help you, and together decide whether we should move forward.


Then begins our collaborative planning process to fulfill your goals for your preferred retirement lifestyle and evolve your plan as life unfolds. This is our proprietary Life Income-Living Asset Cycle (Li-LACTM) process.


Finally, we get to work for you and your family. We carefully create, implement and monitor your plan, then follow up with ongoing reviews and adjustments as needed. We take care of everything!


Discovery Call


Free Discovery Call

Take The First Step Today, Go Ahead And Schedule Your 100% Free Discovery Call Right Now, Today!